Releasing the Wisdom of Your Body's Intelligence

Regenerative Somatics invites you on a journey of holistic renewal. Reawaken your vitality, creativity, and greater purpose through a unique blend of energy medicine, holistic practices, body awareness, and coaching.

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Embark on a Journey of Renewal

Regenerative Somatics supports you in re-discovering health and consciously engaging with life’s challenges, changes, and transitions. 

Are you in the midst of change?

  • Dealing with burnout or a health challenge
  • Feeling the impact of loss
  • In a stuck place, resisting change 
  • At a crossroads, uncertain which path to choose
  • Seeking renewed purpose and meaning

These transitions have transformative potential, leading to renewal, greater love, and creativity. 

Discover Hidden Potential

My specialty is helping individuals discover their innate ability to heal from the inside out and navigate transitions of growth and change with grace and strength.

Through personalized coaching, holistic practices, classes, and self-healing retreats, I support you in moving beyond old patterns to create a life aligned with your heart. Experience a deeper connection to yourself, enhanced emotional agility, a clear and tranquil mind, and enriched human connection.


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Your Guide: Candice Sinai, BCPP, RPE, SEP

Holistic Coach and Practitioner

Regenerative Somatics pioneer Candice Sinai is a uniquely gifted practitioner, coach, and mentor who understands the dynamics of change, and the soul work it takes to emerge renewed.

When a life-altering virus led to chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple auto-immune challenges, ten years of trying everything fell short. This journey led her to develop Regenerative Somatics to heal from these challenges.

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Candice Sinai closeup
"Candice’s influence in my life over the past seven years is difficult for me to describe in words. Most importantly, she planted the seed of knowing within me that my body has the innate wisdom and capacity to nurture and heal itself. The healing work that Candice encourages in me is the foundation upon which much of my personal unfolding and development continue to rest. I cannot recommend her or her gentle, wise, intuitive work highly enough."

Joslyn Smith

Your Path to Renewal

Connect: Start with a free Connection Call.

Experience: Join our free Inner Oasis class.

Transform: Emerge renewed, embracing a new path to fulfillment.

Emerge Renewed

Aligned with your inner wisdom and innate health.

Open to new experiences and fresh perspectives.

Connected to the power of renewal and enhanced creativity.

Move Forward

Mindful Progress: Move forward with awareness.

Peaceful Drive: Strive with calm to sustainable success.

Joyful Pursuits: Aligned with what brings happiness.