Regenerative Self-Care with Candice Sinai

Have you ever wanted to discover healing from the inside out? To rest in stillness — inspired into actions sustained by natural energy flows? 

Join Candice in gentle movement and introspections that promote well-being and emotional resilience while creating a bridge into your body’s natural healing wisdom.

Each week, we explore a new theme. All you need is 30 minutes and a quiet space—no special clothes or props. 

Discover self-healing practices and a fresh perspective on health and renewal. 

Invite others to join and spread the experience of well-being.

Online with 6 Weekly Live Classes

Mondays, March 18 –  April 22

11:00a PT / 2:00p ET / 7:00p CET 

Tuesdays, March 19 – April 23

7:00a NZST

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Week One: Introduction; Stillness & Motion

Our opening session focuses on a practice that combines gentle and fluid movements, reflecting patterns of motion that occur in the earliest stages of human development. These subtle movements inspire a deep state of rest while promoting the body’s regenerative health by synchronizing with the slow and deep rhythms of the life force. This practice soothes the nervous system and fosters deep internal harmony.

Weeks Two through Six: The Five ElementsQualities of energy that support the form and function of our bodies

Connecting with the elements, the building blocks of nature brings vital information for preventive healthcare. In Regenerative Somatics, each plays a crucial role in the holistic healing and rejuvenation of the body. Understanding and integrating these into your practice promotes a balanced and practical approach to body regeneration and well-being.

Week Two: Grounding and Support

The Earth Element is like the ground beneath your feet, providing stability and support. It represents our bodies’ solid structures, which are essential for growth and renewal.

Just as the earth supports and nourishes plants, providing them a foundation to grow, the Earth element in our body offers necessary grounding and solidity, fostering resilience and balance in our lives.

Week Three: Flow and Adapt

The Water element represents fluidity and adaptability, mirroring the flowing nature of emotions and intuition. In our bodies, it’s reflected in the blood, lymph, and other fluids essential for nourishing and cleansing. Like rivers and oceans that shape landscapes, the Water element in us shapes our feelings and responses, teaching us resilience through adaptability and the graceful art of flowing with life’s changes.

Week Four: Energy and Transformation

The Fire element symbolizes energy, transformation, and passion, igniting the spark of life within us. It manifests in our metabolism and digestive processes, fueling our actions and desires. Like a blazing fire that transforms everything it touches, this element within us drives change and motivation, encouraging dynamism and the pursuit of our goals. Fire represents life’s vibrant, ever-changing force, inspiring growth, and personal evolution.

Week Five: Movement and Intellect

The Air element signifies movement, intellect, and communication, capturing the essence of life’s dynamism. In our bodies, it is present in our breath and the flow of thoughts, facilitating exchange and interaction. Like the ever-changing wind, the Air element embodies flexibility and adaptability, encouraging us to embrace change and new ideas. It connects us to the rhythm of the world through inhalation and exhalation.

Week Six: Space and Tranquility

The Ether element, embodying space and stillness, governs the expansive qualities of the mind. It’s where thoughts emerge and dissolve, offering peace and presence. Ether represents the vastness within us, akin to the infinite sky, inviting tranquility and a sense of boundless possibility. It teaches us the value of openness and the profound stillness that lies beyond the physical, anchoring us in the present moment.