The Breath of Life

Exploring the body’s wisdom and the 3 primary movements of the life force – how they support us and how to work with them.

We all want to feel good in life… about life.

To be in touch with the peace, stillness, and the quiet voice inside. A knowing that guides us wisely as we choose our course and navigate the depths and shallows, the crests of waves, and all types of weather.

With full access to the creativity, energy, skills, and tools we need to arrive safe and whole. Ready to meet what’s on the shores of life and beyond the horizon.

Meet Your Facilitator

Candice Sinai, BCPP, RPE, SEP
Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Educator | Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner

I’m Candice Sinai, a dedicated body-centered practitioner and educator since 1989, blending diverse healing modalities like The Journey Method, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution, Sound Healing, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. My approach is shaped by my experiences as a yoga and meditation teacher, ballet dancer, and working at a Waldorf School. My personal journey through chronic fatigue and auto-immune challenges has led to the development of Regenerative Somatics, focusing on the healing wisdom within us.

How you can benefit from the BodyWisdom Retreat

In just 42 hours you’ll connect with inner peace and wholeness. Be inspired from within, more present to yourself and others. Sense how life is leading you toward your goals. Experience rest and freedom in your natural vitality and expression. Renew your relationship with yourself and the world. Feel at home in your body, revitalized and true to yourself. Access your inner guidance and the body’s healing wisdom.

Experience the retreat’s magic right from your home and you won’t leave the magic of the retreat behind!

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We'll Explore Together...

With our creative imagination and inquiring minds, we’ll explore ‘energy in motion.’

Through creative imagination and inquiring minds, we’ll delve into ‘energy in motion.’ This includes relaxing the body and mind, guided visualizations, breath and movement exercises, introspective journaling, self-massage, energy work, and gentle process work, culminating in integration sessions.

Sample Guided Meditation

Get a feel for the retreat with an excerpt from a previous Yoga Nidra meditation, facilitating deep rest while remaining awake.

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