Personalized Coaching and Integrative Healing

Have you ever wondered what’s holding you back from your true potential? 

If you’re ready to clear the obstacles that keep you from healing, growing, and manifesting the life you know is in you, our bespoke programs combine impactful coaching, inquiry, and process work for profound transformation.

  • Ignite your innate healing powers
  • Reveal and release emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and patterns
  • Create life-affirming narratives that echo your core values
  • Cultivate resilience and establish sustainable self-care rituals

Prepare to navigate life’s challenges with grace, pursue your dreams with confidence, and build richer, more compassionate relationships with yourself and others.

Embrace a life defined by:

  • Renewed wellbeing, vigor, purpose, and vision
  • Enhanced intuition and a harmonious connection with life’s rhythms
  • Strengthened resilience and deeper, more impactful connections

Take the leap towards enduring change. Book a 45-minute Discovery Call to start charting your path to transformation. 

Personalized Coaching and Integrative Healing

1:1 Empowering Self-Discovery & Healing Journey

Discover Your Innate Healing Intelligence

2 Hour Session

  • Compassionate self-discovery in a safe space
  • Release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Renew health, energy, purpose, and vision

Candice’s decades of expertise in mindfulness, trauma healing, and holistic modalities allow her to guide you through gentle yet powerful processes personalized to your needs.

Sessions are currently offered on Zoom.

1:1 Self-Discovery Journey

6 Transformative Sessions

This personalized 6-session journey provides a nurturing space for courageous self-exploration and sustainable growth. 

  • Release emotional blocks
  • Transform limiting beliefs or stories
  • Renew energy, purpose and vision
  • Integrate insights and renewed vision into daily life

You’ll feel equipped to handle challenges with more consciousness and reconnect with your inner wisdom. Sessions are at your pace for up to six months. 

Personalized Retreat Day

Reset, Immerse, Implement

7 Hours + 3 months of accountability and follow-up

This intimate 7-hour personalized retreat provides space for introspective healing and life realignment. Your day includes:

  • Clarifying intentions
  • Physical or emotional healing emphasis
  • Transform limiting beliefs and stories
  • A customized Regenerative Somatics session
  • Creating an integration plan

Your retreat also includes 3 months of ongoing support through weekly email check-ins and monthly calls to integrate insights into daily life. This retreat is uniquely tailored to you.


  • Deepen self-connection
  • Release stuck energy
  • Gain clarity on next steps
  • Establish rejuvenating practices

Year-Long Inner Exploration & Growth Journey

For Lasting Transformation

This immersive year-long program combines impactful coaching with introspective healing for profound transformation. Together we’ll:

  • Uncover your inner wisdom
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs
  • Align your life with your values
  • Establish sustainable self-care rituals
  • Create empowering new narratives

You’ll feel equipped to handle challenges with grace, pursue aspirations with confidence, and relate compassionately with others and yourself. This journey facilitates lasting renewal.


  • Actualize your full potential
  • Cultivate resilience
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Live authentically
  • Thrive holistically

Ready for lasting transformation? Schedule a Discovery Call to get clarity on your path forward.